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The Author

Cornelius O. Barlascini received his BA and MD from the University of Virginia.
He is certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology and Metabolism by the American Board of Internal Medicine.
He also holds a doctorate from the University of Pisa.

Would An Angel Ever Lie?

Body Title: Would An Angel Ever Lie?
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 1125189
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Maybe you won't sleep so well after you hear from the devil and the anti-christ. We offer inside information on the beginning and the end of the world as well as what transpired and what will happen in between the start and finish of human existence. You may be prefer not to know, but you will be able to make an informed choice. Pretty much its your own choice.

Il fanciullo il padre dell'adulto

Body Title: Il fanciullo il padre dell'adulto
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 9762689
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La psicoanalisi pu dire molto sui nostri figli e ci aiuta a crescerli in maniera tale che diventeranno adulti responsabili. La teoria d'Erikson la pi completa spiegazione del ruolo della psicoanalisi in questo campo. Discuteremo le otto fasi d'Erikson. Questo un libro pratico non teorico.

The Body is His Book

Body Title: The Body is His Book
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 821269
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This is a book about the human soul. The development of this potentially immortal core of being and the fragility of each step in its maturation are explored. The relationship between the individual and God is discussed. An argument for the existence of an absolute and universal morality is put forward.

The Necessity of Salvation

Necessity Title: Design
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 424523
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The redemption of man by Christ is the central event in history. This collection of essays discusses the active part the Trinity plays in the world. It discusses the relationship between God and several human activities: science, philosophy, literature, and government. The themes of this book are the Lords gift of saving grace and His ongoing interaction with mankind. God is actively seeking to save man from sin and constantly permitting the human race to strive for intellectual enlightenment and moral perfection.


design Title: Design
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 420960
Available from:

It is through God's endless Grace that man is saved. God's interaction with man is through Archetypes. This book places human philosophy in perspective. It illustrates the emptiness of modern philosophy but provides an alternative philosophical view with Revelation through Archetypes and "the will to believe" at its center that provides some comfort. It criticizes Darwin's theory of evolution, discusses "intelligent design", and defends neutrality of true science. The author examines the psychoanalytic approach to human behavior and finds much good in its theory, but great risk in its practice by improperly trained persons.

The Kings of Ithaca and other poems

poems Title: The Kings of Ithaca and other poems
Author: Cornelius O. Barlascini
ID: 550592
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This is a collection of poems that has as its central theme a re-evaluation of the figure of Odysseus: his role in the fall of Troy and its consequences on the hero and the world at large. There are lyric and dramatic poems exploring variations on the principal theme, including two longer poems which offer new perspectives on the Iliad and the Arthurian cycle.